Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Will Joanne Borgella Make It To Round 2?

Will Joanne Borgella Make It To Round 2?

Joanne Borgella didn't have a good performance tonight on American Idol. I've never heard this song on her MySpace page either. Surprisingly, Randy and Paula were trying to be nice, but you could see they weren't really thrilled about her song choice or performance tonight. Of course, Simon Cowell didn't cut Joanne Borgella any slack and blasted away when it was his turn.

I have to admit, I wasn't crazy about the song Joanne Borgella chose either and I think her delivery was off as well. We know Joanne Borgella can certainly sing and perform. As a Plus Size Model, she's no stranger to performing in front of crowds so it's hard to say it was nerves performing in front of a crowd.

Perhaps it was a bad song choice for Joanne Borgella, but I believe she wasn't as good as she could have been.

The nice thing about tonights American Idol competition is that it's not up to just me, or you or the Judges. Whether we see Joanne Borgella next week is up to the American Idol viewers.